14 Coronavirus Mythbusters (COVID-19) – You Should Be Aware

Coronavirus has ruined this year for all. It took many lives and made many people sick. Even though medical researchers have found out many facts about the coronavirus, studies are going on. But sometimes facts get mixed with the opinions of the people and give birth to myths. So more than real findings myths of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) become popular and everybody starts to think that it is true. That is why Funn2Read staff have gathered the list of 14 MythBusters of Coronavirus here for you to know the truth.

1. COVID-19 Virus Can Get Transmitted Easily in Hot and Humid Climates

The truth is that COVID-19 Coronavirus transmission does not depend on any particular climate. It affects the people living in different types of climatic conditions if they get infected by it. So wherever you are you have to take precautionary measures to steer clear of the virus. Do not let this myth fool you. You have to prevent the infection by not touching the eyes, face or other parts of your body. Moreover, stay away from people if you feel sick by quarantining yourselves.

2. Cold Weather & Snow Can Kill Coronavirus

There are no proofs for this statement. Cold weather or snow cannot kill the virus or lessen its effects. It will not make the virus dormant as some people believe. The normal human body temperature is between 36.5°C to 37°C and it does not depend on the temperature they live in. So everybody has to take care of themselves from the virus because nobody can escape its effects. You can use alcohol-based cleaning agents and hand washes to clean your hands. Doing this frequently after exposure can keep you safe.

3. Taking Hot Baths Can Help in Preventing The Coronavirus

Many people think that they can get rid of coronavirus by taking hot baths. So when they feel sick they take a hot bath and wait for the fever to lessen. However, this belief is a myth. Only by careful medication and treatment can a person get the release from the effects of coronavirus. But there are prevention methods for steering clear of Covid 19. You have to wash your hands frequently and wear face masks when you move out. Follow this habit in your day to day life as this is the new normal.

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4. Mosquitoes Can Transmit Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

The new coronavirus does not transmit through mosquitoes as there is no evidence to suggest it. It is a respiratory virus that can spread through water droplets that come from an infected person if he or she coughs or sneezes. So that is why WHO is asking people to wear the masks to contain the spread of the virus. One infected person can spread the virus to all the people near him. That is why the virus spreads at a faster rate. You have to avoid close contacts with people who show the symptoms of the virus.

5. Covid-19 Can Spread Through Products That Come From China

The Covid 19 virus can survive in objects like metal and cardboard for a long time. The researchers do not know how long a virus can survive in the packages from China. However, we cannot brand the Chinese products only as the cause for infection because today everything needs to get disinfected. So whenever you order a thing from outside always disinfect it with a cleaning agent as it will get rid of the virus. Then you can touch it and use it.

6. Spraying Alcohol or Choline Can Kill The Covid-19 Virus in The Body

No, this is a myth because once Covid 19 virus gets inside your body no amount of alcohol and chlorine can kill it. Moreover spraying such strong substances in the body can harm your skin. So if you think you have got the infected call the medical facilities and opt for immediate treatments. You have to follow all the recommendations of the doctor for your well-being.

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7. Pets Can Carry The Coronavirus and Infect The Owners

There is no evidence to suggest the claim. But it is best to wash your hands after touching and playing with your pets. It is always good to stay careful. There are no confirmed reports of dogs or cats infected with the Covid 19 and infecting their owners. Only humans are more prone to the virus.

8. Pneumonia Vaccinations Can Secure A Person From Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

This is also a myth because it is an entirely different thing so cannot save a person from the Covid 19 infection. The Coronavirus is new and different from the other viruses. It requires a different vaccine and it is still under development in many countries. But you can get the vaccination to prevent other respiratory infections to boost immunity against it.

9. Eating Garlic Daily Can Prevent The Covid-19 Infection

Garlic is well known for its ability to prevent various illnesses. In many cultures, it gets added in food to boost immunity. However, it does not mean that it can get rid of Covid 19 virus. It does not have the required agents in it to kill the virus.

10. Strong Antibiotics Can Help To Get Rid of Covid-19 Coronavirus

No antibiotics are available now to kill the Covid 19 virus. The researchers all around the world are developing medications to lessen the Covid 19 virus and the process is still going on. The medicines first have to go through animal testing and if successful to humans. This process takes time, energy and lots of money. That is why we have to wait for the right medication to arrive. Till then we have to refrain from taking antibiotics created for other purposes.

11. The New Coronavirus Only Affects Old People

Old people are more vulnerable to get infected by the Covid 19 virus. The virus can take a toll on their health and their lives are at high risks. However, it does not mean that young people cannot get infected by Covid 19 because this virus can affect people of all age’s even newborn babies. Nobody can escape the death trap of this virus. That is why it is the worst pandemic the world has ever experienced.

12. Rinsing The Nose With Saline Can Get Rid of Coronavirus Infection

Many people follow this method to protect themselves from Covid 19 infection. But this is a myth. You can recover from the common cold by this method but Covid 19 is way more dangerous and life-threatening than that. That is why saline is not effective against Covid 19 virus.

13. Ultra-Violet Lamps Will Eliminate The Virus of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Using UV lamps to clean hands is not the prescribed method during the Covid 19 pandemic. The medical experts only prescribe washing the hands with soap and hand wash. They also encourage the people to use alcohol-based sanitizers that kill viruses and bacteria without water.

14. Hair Dryers Are Useful For Eliminating The Covid-19 Virus

You cannot use Hair dryers for disinfecting the objects. The products like soap and other good cleaning agents are only effective to disinfect objects. The hot air from the hairdryer is not powerful enough to act against the Covid 19 virus.


These are the myths about Coronavirus you have to stop believing. The pandemic has opened the eyes of many people to the dangers they are susceptible to. That is why you have to separate the truths from the myths and be aware.

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The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

F2R Staff

The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

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