6 Health & Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Health 2022

Nowadays, everyone is thinking about the health to cope up with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). No one can help you beat corona. You need to boost up your immune system naturally. This in-depth article highlighting how you can improve your health at your home in a basic manner. You just need to focus on your balanced & healthy diet.

“Health is Wealth” which has a very deep meaning & we all many times fail to understand given our seemingly good health at a particular time or concerning more about other priorities.

Many of us tend to skip our routine breakfast, lunch or may be dinner due to an extremely busy schedule or sometimes consume junk foods to supplement hunger. It has become a common practice for many of us to order food online or to eat from a restaurant especially during our work time.

To be specific, we are much more careless in our youth days and tend towards junk and unhygienic food because they taste good. Sometimes we even go for spicy and oily food that is cooked at home. Such food might be tasty and should be consumed as well but certainly not on a routine basis.

Studies say that as we start to age, especially when we cross 40 years of age, our body becomes more prone to disease, ailments and aging. What you have eaten in your teenage and in your 20s and 30s start to show up as you grew. This is a time when many people complain of serious yet common diseases like diabetes, sugar, blood pressure, heart ailments, weakness, obesity, tiredness and other such problems.

There are many reasons that contribute to your good as well as bad health. Some of things that we do and some of the things that we don’t constitute this issue. Here are 6 health & nutrition tips that will help you in improving your health.

1. Regular Exercise

Sweating releases toxic materials from your body, allows your body cells to take oxygen and it energizes your body. It has a very positive impact on your physical as well as mental health. A regular exercise of 30-60 minutes in a day can improve your metabolism, control your blood pressure, refresh your mind, energize you, burn calories and do a lot more things. It really helps to Detoxifying your body & improve your immune system.

Thus, you must make it a habit of exercising and it can be anything that requires sweating. A 20 minutes of jogging combined with stretching, push-ups, physical training and weight lifting can suffice.

For this you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket. In other words you don’t need to join any gym. You can do this at your home & even you can go for a walk in the morning which keeps your heart healthy as well. In the park you can do simple & easy exercise at your your own without any training.

2. Yoga & Meditation

When it comes to keep healthy, first thing which comes our mind is Yoga & Meditation. Yoga & meditation are our ancient heritage that has now become so popular not only among Indians but the whole world. A regular yoga session of an hour or so along with some time for meditation can improve your health in a great way. Yoga is not only a physical exercise but it is also a mental exercise that reduces stress, anxiety and gives you inner peace.

A fresh and healthy mind is a requisite for healthy life in both senses; that is physical and mental. You can do a yoga or meditation at your home and within a few days you will feel lots of change in your body. In the entire day you will feel energetic & you can focus on your work. It also helps to quitting your bad habits like smoking, drinking & many more.

3. Reduce Intake of Alcohol

If you don’t drink that is great not only for you but your health as well. But in case you drink, it should be under control to an extent that it should not be more than twice a month and that too in a limited quantity. Alcohol has a dampening impact on your health which you most likely must be aware of. Apart from causing liver damage, it also makes you an obese, increases chances of heart problems, blood pressure, and diabetes.

The effect of alcohol remains in your body for at least a day and doesn’t allow your mind to function in an efficient way. To add more, alcoholism also destroys your mental peace, makes you an escapist who runs away from problems thus increasing your stress level.

4. Healthy Food Intake

“You become what you Eat”, is a very common phrase and it holds true in reality as well. What we eat tends to determine how our body functions including our brain. A good healthy diet improves our thinking abilities, makes us think positive and improves concentration power. The diet we take also supplements our body.

Regular intake of fruits and fibrous food improves the digestive system, allows proper bowel movement and also gives you a lot of minerals and energy. If you ever come across a successful man, ask him a simple question regarding his eating habit and you will find that he is very concerned and conscious about his eating habits.

Some of the food habits that you should imbibe in you for better health are:

Consume more Fibrous Food: Foods that contain fiber help you in digestion and proper bowel movement. A healthy digestive system is a prerequisite for a healthy living. Fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables, wheat flour, cereals, oats, etc. are full of fibers and should make a permanent place in your food chart.

Less Oil, less salt, less sugar: All these three things should be avoided as much as possible. You can find a substitute for oil as there are many types of oils that are a bit healthier. Sugar should be avoided at all costs. Sugar doesn’t only mean sweat food but also those foods that have sugar in it. You can consult your dietician to determine what food contains how much sugar.

Similarly, salt intake should also be reduced as it impacts your blood circulation especially increasing your blood pressure.

Push for protein, reduce fat, and carbs: Protein is necessary for your body to grow and remain healthy. Fat increases your weight and can make you lazy. Increase your vitamin and minerals intake through foods rich in it.

5. Drink Water Regularly

Drink water regularly before every meal, before going to sleep and as you wake up. Be hydrated always. Drink at least 5-8 liters of water daily. Water removes toxins from your body through excreta and sweating. Hydrated body is a healthy body and helps you in remaining fresh and energetic.

6. Stick to your Eating Schedule

Eat on time. Rise up early and have a heavy breakfast. Have fruits at 11 in the morning while going for lunch at 1:30-2:00 PM. Take some snacks at 4:30-5:00 PM while consuming your dinner which should be light by 9:00 PM at most. There should be no food at least 2 hours before your sleep. Your stomach requires a rest of at least 5-7 hours.

The above mentioned tips are not exhaustive but are just a basic guidance for a healthy lifestyle. Much more can be added that can improve your health for years to come.

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The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

F2R Staff

The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

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