How to Get Your Time Pass / Utilize Your Time During COVID-19 Lockdown?


Hello Guys, so you are in lockdown and during lockdown period, most of the people are staying at home, either working from home or spending his / her ideal time with their family. This is the time that everybody needs and it will never come back. So, make the most use of this, otherwise you have to regret later.

But on the other side, I personally have come across many people, who don’t know how to make the proper use of this time. So, these people inspired me to make the list for “How to make the best utilisation of the time not only during COVID-19 lockdown but during any timeframe.”

So, followings are the list of few activities, which helps you to utilize your ideal time in a best possible manner.

1. Watch Movies / Series

Yes, this is most often used thing on which we are dependent even in our normal days. You can watch movie either on cable TV and other various app available in the market like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and so on.

2. Connecting Your Family and Friends via Phone

Now days, we are connected with our family and friends via WhatsApp. But this lockdown period allowed us to reconnect all the family members and our friends via phone. This is a good time to find out how your friends and family are doing. Spread the warmth and stay bonded.

3. Write Whatever You Want

If you are intense to write a Novel but never found the time to do what you want due to busy lifestyle, so this is the time for you to create rather than consuming? This is your chance to do what you want.

4. Painting

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most of the people are expressing yourself and their emotions by creating art. Art is the expression of human skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting.

5. Fitness

Physical fitness is very crucial for our body and our life. Now days, people are very busy and ignoring his body requirement. During lockdown period, you can go for physical fitness activities on his own. Apart from this, there are so many videos are available on You Tube and so many online apps are available for assisting in physical fitness.Further, online classes are also available for various fitness activities. You can opt any of the above mentioned idea for getting your body fitter and enthusiastic.

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6. Memorising Old Memories

Going in to the old memories is always a best part of any life. Memorising your good time gives you a cute smile and other side memorising a bad time gives you a lesson. You can go through your old photos in to the phone or albums can bring us an unbidden pleasure. Sit with your old pictures one of these days to travel back in time and connect with happier, simpler days.

7. Cooking

Cooking is an art and you have to learn from heart if you want to share happiness through you cooking. This lockdown time is the best time to learn “How to cook”. May be you cannot get the expertise in cooking in this lockdown period, but at least you can learn this art. I remembered the words of Billy Graham, he said “Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.”

8. Playing Games

One way of passing time during the lockdown is playing the games, we used to play as children means indoor games like Ludo, Tambola, Carrom and various cards games. Most of the people are indulging in playing indoor games not only for spending time with in the house, but are great fun!

9. Learn New languages

Increase your knowledge as much as you can! Yes, this is the time which you can also use to enhance your skills. Learning of new language during lockdown time frame also helps you in post lockdown. Adding up new language in to your Resume is always an added benefit to grow your career.

10. Deep Clean Your House: GIVE YOUR HOUSE A MAKEOVER!

Deep cleaning of house not only for making your home virus free but also new makeover will spread the positive vibes all around. We may get tired of seeing the old face of our house from last many years, so it is the time to give a new look to your house. So, “Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something good but, you will gain something EVEN BETTER.”

11. Yoga / Meditate

Yoga / Meditation is one of the best forms of physical, mental practice. With a lockdown in full progress, this may be a good time to increase your mental fitness and negating the negative thoughts with the help of deep meditation and Yoga. It also helps in inner cleaning of your body, mind and soul.

12. Dance

Dancing is also a fitness activity. Dancing is good for your hearts and lungs. Dancers don’t need wings to fly. They only need some good music, even with or without partner. Now days, people are making their video and uploading on the social media like Facebook, etc and getting so many responses. So why don’t you just started what you want like dancing and uploading it and getting engaged with other people. So, Dance, dance wherever you may be.

13. Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skill is one of the most precious thing to achieve something good either in to your personal or professional life. Good communication skill is also essential to understand any information more accurately. There are so many online classes are available for improving the communication skills and apart from this you can read newspaper, book reading are also an effective way to enhance your communication skills.

14. Quitting Your Bad Habs

You need to do an activity for 3 weeks for it to become a habit and he same rule will apply for quitting any bad habit. Sometime you have the intention to quit the bad habits but lacking of will power will not allow you to do the same. So now, with time aplenty due to the COVID-19 mandate lockdown, will help you to quit your bad habits like smoking, dependency on alcohol, etc. Voltaire said “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

15. Make Your Wish List for Post Life

Sounds interesting! Last but not the least, you can make the list of your all wishes which you want to do in to your life means post lockdown life. Take a pen and paper and make a list of all your wishes. We all have our own wishes and own ways to fulfil them, so plan accordingly. And after completing of this lockdown period, make your wishes come true.

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The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

F2R Staff

The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

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