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Several places and cities are seeing sudden upheavals of people protesting against the extended lockdowns due to the spread of corona virus and are seen to be coming out on roads in rage. Such scenarios can be seen in the cities like Madrid and several states of the US.

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Seems like some psychotic behaviour? Pretty much!

We have brought forward some contrasting statistical information that might change the minds of the people who yet see lockdowns as restrained freedom.

A large part of the world is facing crisis amid the COVID-19 pandemic, out of which a small fraction of countries like Slovenia, Greece, Iceland, Vietnam and Iceland are in a better place.

The government of these countries took up fast and quick actions to prevent the growth of the virus in their respective countries. A general pattern can be observed that lead to the flattening of the curve.

Some of the features included:

  • Early lockdowns
  • Extensive running of tests and tracing the infected
  • Imposing isolation protocols
  • Encouraging social distancing
  • Taking up preventive measuring like compulsory use of masks and other self-safety equipments

One important aspect to note is the transparency and honesty the government ensured with its people, unlike several other countries that have debatable controversies.

Many metropolitan cities can be seen reopening in these countries and the government has eased the lockdown, allowing essential services to resume.

1. Greece Greece

Breezy Beach in Greece Before Pandemic
Breezy restful scenes on the Greece beach prior to the pandemic

Greece, a country in southeastern Europe with the area of about 131,957 km² and having a population of about 10.72 million (as of 2019) is currently in the world’s largest epicenter of COVID-19, right next to Italy.

Estimations were that the corona virus would storm into Greece as quickly as it did in the other surrounding European countries. But the government proved this to be wrong.

Although, the Hellenic Republic (the official name of Greece) has its economy almost completely based on tourism, which of course has completely crashed this year, the government, paved its way through however.

Breezy Beach in Greece in Pandemic
Empty beaches during lockdown

By mid-March, the country was already under lockdown. The people cooperated with the government, maintained a distance of 6 feet in places like grocery stores, and washed hands and sanitized frequently. Moreover, large gatherings and celebration within families were avoiding this Easter.

The government by themselves discouraged tourism by asking the foreigners to stay in for quarantine for 14 days or else pay a fine of $5000.

So far, Greece has zero deaths due to corona virus and more than half of the infected patients have recovered.

2. Vietnam Vietnam

Vietnam, a country sharing a large portion of its borders with China making it a more vulnerable country in terms of the corona virus outbreak. Vietnam is middle income country with per capita income of US$1,910 (as of 2018).

It was likely to be more prone to the spreading virus considering its geographical location.

But the spontaneous decisions of the government prevent the condition from worsening.

Vietnam was under strict lockdown well before the W.H.O declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

Furthermore, the government took the following steps:

  • They initially traced those people that have travelled abroad and returned to Vietnam
  • Consequently, providing that a case is confirmed, the people in contact with the infected person were traced
  • Lastly, all those with corona virus symptoms were tested extensively
Education in Vietnam During Covid 19
While the entire world is engaged in virtual communication, some schools have reopened in Vietnam
Source: BBC; Getty Images

Those people that were ought to self-isolate and be imposed with quarantine, were taken to the quarantine facilities. This was because the Vietnamese government believed that self-isolation at home would not be effective. In fact, the curve wouldn’t flatten in that case as at home one infected person would pass it on to his/her family members.

The public’s role in abiding the protocols and measures taken by the government played a huge role. It helped the country to set an example in front of the world.

Currently, the government has eased the lockdown with about 75% of the businesses have resumed.

It is appreciable to note, Vietnam having a population of 95.54 million has only 320 confirmed cases, with 260 recovered patients, leaving only 60 active cases (as of 17th May 2020)

While the entire world is engaged in virtual communication, some schools have reopened in Vietnam.

3. Slovenia Slovenia

Slovenia, a mountainous country in Central Europe, with several ski resorts and lakes, somewhat, has a similar situation like Greece. In fact it shares its borders with Italy and earns a large amount annually due to tourism like the Hellenic Republic.

Slovenia like the countries mentioned earlier, reacted right on time as soon as the news spread around the globe regarding the deadly new virus.

According to reports, by the first week of January, the government managed to run over 300 tests out of which none were positive. The first case was reported on March 4th.

Within two weeks of the outbreak, Slovenia was fast under lockdown and the entire country was almost completely sealed.

One important aspect to note is how generously the government dealt with its people.

The government gave away 3 Billion Euros to the public to help and support small businesses and companies. This sum made 6% of the total GDP of Slovenia.

The sudden lockdowns and imposition of various protocols initially enraged the people and in fact, several protests took place.

However, needless to say, all the measures turned out to be fruitful for Slovenia. The condition there is so better off that several places are reopening and people are able to resume to their normal lives.

And thus, Slovenia becomes the first European country to officially call off an end to its COVID-19 outbreak.

4. Iceland Iceland

Iceland, an island country with a population of a little over 360,000 has proved to be testing a large portion of the population.

With the aid of a local company DeCode, the country managed to test 13% of its population.

Here is a graph statistically representing the number of tests run by the government.

Note how US, having the largest number of cases has done comparatively very low number of tests

Note how US, having the largest number of cases has done comparatively very low number of tests.

Initially, the country got figures near about hundreds when the testing began although currently, only handful of cases is reported in weeks.

Like many other countries, an app was developed that showed the location of local corona virus patients to bring awareness amongst people.

The Icelanders religiously followed the protocols and measures and took up preventive steps.

5. Jordan Jordan

Jordan, an Arab nation located in the Middle East, with population of 9.956 million (as of 2018) is one such countries that took up immediate measures to fight the novel corona virus.

Five weeks before the first case was reported, the country already had all its policies and protocols placed and was ready for the implementation. The first case was reported on March 2nd.

The King requested the government to take the support of the military in order to tighten the lockdown and curfew in all the parts of the country.

The government also issued laws regarding the use of personal vehicles which required the person travelling to have a permit.

The country ran tests on a large scale, i.e. testing about 2000-3000 persons per day.

Studying the above situations in different countries, it’s quite evident how the shared efforts of the government, its people and the medical sector itself has a huge hand in saving its respective countries.

Thus, as a global citizen I encourage all my readers to think positively in a long run and stay home in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and those of others! 😀

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The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

F2R Staff

The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

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