10+ Best Indian Hindi Web Series of 2021

Indian web series has become an important part of the Indian Film industry. From new stories to great actors everyone in the process is responsible for worldwide recognition. The Web Series are overall a refreshing experience to the audience. If you have started to watch these series mentioned in the article below on Amazon Prime and Netflix then you should know where to begin. That is why here is a complete compilation of the top 10 best Hindi web series in 2021. Let’s take dig deeper into the list.

Best Indian Web Series 2021 in Hindi to Watch

In this article we have noted down some of the best Hindi Indian web series of 2021 that you will must-watch in 2021 with your family or friends.

1. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is an interesting crime thriller that is broadcasted in Amazon Prime and Netflix. Its unbeatable storyline has created quite a lot of excitement among the audiences. The actors in the film have stolen the fans heart with their spectacular acting.

The film is about the happenings in Mirzapur. The story revolves around mafia, drugs, mayhem and violence. The story portrays Pankaj Tripathi in the lead role and his character in the series is named as Akhandanand Tripathi. As the story takes a plight, he becomes the Mafia of Mirzapur. Later his son follows his footsteps which lead to many chaos and twists. Mirzapur is the best watch series in 2021.

2. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is a real story series based on the malignant rape case in Delhi. Since its release, there is speculation about the case and several critical acclaims on the series. The leading actors in the series are Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain and a talented crew.

The story spins around the story of Nirbhaya who was cruelly raped. The story portrays the saddening instances of how the 23 years old friend of Nirbhaya was beaten to death. The Delhi Crime series has flamed the emotions of Indian audiences. There is no better way to create a series that this about the brutal rape case in India.

3. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is the best web series in 2021. The genre of the series is crime and drama. The writer takes the book of sacred games for the inspiration of this Hindi series. The protagonist of the series is Sartaj Singh who is a Mumbai police officer. The story unravels mystery, corruption, lawlessness and the justice fight.

The story name is attractive which excites the India Audience. It pinpoints the discipline and genuineness of the Police officer. Also, the lead character tries to save Mumbai from any crime and threats of gangsters. The popular casts of these series are Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte. Watch this incredible series on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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4. Bard of Blood

The Bard of Blood is the best web series in 2021. Its unique storyline and actor Emraan Hashmi’s appearance gained more popularity to the series. The story is purely about an intelligent agent who rescues other agents from the hands of the Taliban. It broadcasts the animosity of cross border terrorism. The rogue Indian agents fight against the agents in Pakistan. This series was subject to criticism and controversies. Still, it remains one of the impactful web series in 2021. The directors and writers received a special appreciation for their work.

5. Breathe

The plot of Breathe has taken the Hindi web series a step ahead in world cinema. It is a simple story that revolves around a commons man life. But, unexpected instances in his life lead to daunting problems.

The protagonist in the story is crime office is Kabir Sawant. He unveils the mystery of many deaths by connecting the missing pieces in the case. The soft spot in the series is the suspect who is a father trying to save his son in death bed. The fight of a resolute officer and loving father is an overall new experience for the viewers.

6. Criminal Justice

It is an Indian version of the popular BBC web series named Criminal Justice. This series is a splendid combination of crime, drama and thrill. The interesting storyline will surely keep you on the edge of the seats. The story starts with Aditya an outgoing man who parties and ends up with a girl in one nightstand.

Later, the morning he is a prime accuse for the death of the girl. Pieces of evidence prove that Aditya has a knife and he is guilty. He is guilty until proven innocent. The series pinpoints the justice system of India and its lethargic actions. Due this, Aditya ultimately ends up in the jail. The series is interesting towards the end that is why it is one of the best Hindi web series in 2021.

7. Code M

ALT Balaji’s crime-thriller Code M is one of the refreshing Hindi web series in 2021. Jennifer Winget has made her debut in the web series. Eight fantastic episodes are impressive and admired by the audience. The plot of the series pinpoints some of the social issues such as homosexuality, casteism and honour killing.

The story begins with three top military officers who suspect the closure of a case. The investigating officer Monica Mehra takes up the case and restarts the investigation. In the meantime, there is a silent romance between Monica and Angad Sandhu a legal officer. It is a great series to watch on holidays. It has earned good reviews for the cinematography.

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8. The Investigation

The Investigation is another impeccable Crime-thriller Hindi web series in 2021. This series is broadcasted in Eros now. Hinten Tejwani plays the lead in the series. The tone of the story is set on conscience, confidence and crime. A Mumbai investigating official is handling murder case which puts him in a dilemma whether to stand up or cover up the case. It spins around the conscience of the investigating official. Also, it is unclear whether it is a real accident or a cold-blooded murder. It is one of the must-watch series in 2021.

9. Smoke

Smoke is a combination of mystery and thriller. The story is set in the beach of Goa and the unknown peace existing in the place. It highlights the drugs, crime, mafia and other cruel crimes in India. Also, the illusionary peace in the city shatters after a brutal murder. The case comes to the notice of ACP named Pereira who breaks the drug cartel and mafia in the state. Talented actors such as Kalki Koechlin, Jim Sarbh, Mandira Bedi and other spectacular artist made their appearance.

10. Abhay

Abhay is a Hindi web series that depicts real-life crimes on each episode. Kunal Khemu plays the lead protagonist. His character role in the series is named as Pratap Singh. He is an investigating officer in the special force that ends up the Nithari case in Noida. The first episode is about the crimes such serial killer, necrophilia, cannibalism and sexual abuse. The story highlights the terror of brutal crimes in the country.

The Final Call

The final call is the best adventure-based Hindi web series. The story revolves around the adventurous instances in a flight. The protagonist Aran Sachdev a pilot commits suicide in the Airplane that puts 300 passengers in danger. Later, Kiran Mirza an airline official comes into the scene to save the passengers in the Airplane. Watch this fantastic series in Zee 5.

With more and more Hindi web series coming-up it is tough to list the best ones. Every story is unique and innovative in its way. If you are a web series fanatic, then do not miss out the best Hindi series in 2021.

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The staff of Funn2read is a group of dynamic, talented and passionate young writers. They are a bunch of skilled and efficient individuals. They have created a lot of content for various illuminative blogs.

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